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AC/DC power management IC
DC/DC step-down constant current IC
DC/DC boost IC
LED driver IC
Audio power amplifier IC
USB Type-C Audio IC
Operational amplifier IC
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About us

    Sh-Chip Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in research and development and sales of integrated circuit products. The core team has more than 15 years'experience in semiconductor industry. The products are mainly used in LED lighting, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, industrial control and other fields. It has a good reputation of stable quality and affordable price, and has won customers.
    In this increasingly competitive market, Sh-chip Technology adheres to the "innovation, pragmatic, efficient, win-win" business philosophy, to provide you with the most suitable semiconductor solutions, is your best strategic partner.

The main products are:
-AC/DC power management IC——LJY6732、LJY6738
-DC/DC step-down constant current IC——LJY5200、LJY5203、LJY5206
-DC/DC boost IC——NT8301、VAJ01
-LED driver IC——LJY6711、LJY6712A
-Audio power amplifier IC——4809、8002(4871)、8005(8871)、8403、8399(2399)
-USB Type-C Audio IC——NV8309
-Operational amplifier IC——LMV321、LMV358、LMV721、LMV722
-MOS field effect transistor——LJY4N01、LJY6N01、LJY12N01

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